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  1. carl clack

    Bike life SD

  2. P

    Phantom Bikes featuring Jenny Jackson

    The making of Phantom Bikes featuring model Jenny Jackson. Written and Produced by: Timothy Dolph Click on this link below
  3. spiderskzes

    San Diego looking 4 6MM RAG JOINT SPROCKET

    does anyone in san diego have an extra 6MM RAG JOINT SPROCKET MOUNTING HARDWARE they wanna sell me? Thanks :-||
  4. spiderskzes

    Anyone riding in san diego?

    Hi been on the forum about a month. have a cruiser with a 4stroke. any rides planned anytime soon in san diego? I live in rancho bernardo and have only riden so far on the bike trail next to the 56 to torrey pines dnut
  5. D

    New Motorized Bicycle rider in San Diego

    Hi All I just got my bike running and can't be more pleased. I absolutely have a ball riding it to work and around town for errands. Basically bone stock huasheng 4 stroke besides the Pirate Hub Adapter. Let me know what you think, any advice or tips, or if you want to cruise up the streets...
  6. hawaii_87


    Hi!!! I am organizing a ride/show in San Diego. I want to have everybody meet at the pier by north property line by Seaport Village. This is a beautiful spot on the water about 250ft by 15ft, where we meet up swap parts, bikes and stories. I want to keep it sort of Critcal Mass style meet...