1. C

    Proper Riding

    is it safe or ok to ride an 80cc bike motor at full rpm even at a 16-1 mix?
  2. E

    What RPM am I Turning at?

    I have a 26" hardtail MB, stock engine, and a 44 tooth sprocket. I usually ride at 30-32 mph, 32 being at the max RPM I feel comfortable taking the HT to. I could twist the throttle more and rev higher, but I feel the engine will grenade if I rev any faster. So, what RPM am I turning at? If...
  3. Schwinn the Fox

    Will a 12v generator make your engine explode?

    Heres something new, I bought a 12v Generator which runs off the magneto (NOT THE WHITE WIRE) on my 49cc chinagirl and I installed it. Worked fine and loved it. Even got a taillight to go with the headlight that came with the gen. After about 3 days of using it I noticed something, quite not...