1. D

    DIY the cheap and ugly way.

    I have some pictures of the built to post, but let's start with a video of my near to finish first homemade friction cruiser. Let me know what you think! cvlt1
  2. WaterDog

    bike peg mounting to motor shaft (friction drive)

    How exactly do you connect a bike peg to the motor shaft? I understand the concept, I just don't see how you can connect them. I'm using a weed eater 25cc motor and I have the basic design down. I just need the roller now. Any advice would be helpful. Thx
  3. R

    The bearing doctor!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread to once and for all end the needless forum searching for the proper bearing codes that belong to the 66cc GT-5 two stroke engine (and later all the other Chinese engines). This includes ALL bearings inside the engine. I believe there are 6 but if IM...
  4. happycheapskate

    Insane 7 speed friction roller drive with common engines (tanaka, pocketbike, etc)

    This is branching off of another thread about home-made wooden rollers for friction drive Dax/staton and home-made kits. I have not built one of these but I expect one could be made very easily from an existing Dax/Staton friction kit, by adding extension straps/brackets to the channel, to...