1. Deiseldave

    1955 Road Master 79cc HF motor

    Hello all , I was told that I needed to make a thread so everyone here could enjoy my latest build . It will be a long time till I can get it to look the way that I want and parts over time to get that period look im going for , but in order to ride it now I have to sacrifice , ( for now ) lol...
  2. LabRat

    54 Roadmaster Luxury Liner BT Mod

    54 Roadmaster Luxury Liner BT Mod. Powered by 79cc Predator. Seatpost is solid steel cut to order by fourm member Inked1974. Rear Sproket by Pat of Original spring forks, chain guard and frame were seperate ebay wins. Three piece crank conversion Note the boring...
  3. S

    Curb jumping? Can it hold up?

    I just ordered a grubee skyhawk 2012 GT5 66cc slant head kit from and I plan to mount it on my roadmaster bike. I know I probably won't be biking on the sidewalks much if any after its mounted and running, but I tend to jump off curbs and small ledges less than a foot high...