1. P

    high rev start

    hello :) after repairing some stuff on my bike and when i went to try, it started but like it was full throttle. it did a little wheelie and the chain snapped out. i barely touched the throttle when starting it, just that tiny stroke to get the engine running. i changed the intake manifold and...
  2. JaxInsany

    Is the 16-1 oil/fuel mixture harmful?

    Hey everyone! I am currently breaking in my 2 stroke Grubee with a 16-1 fuel mix with synthetic oil. I didn't think twice about following the kit included instructions when it said to break in the engine with 16-1, but with all the reading I have been doing on fuel mixtures, its getting me...
  3. J

    66cc China Girl Motor runs too rich at low throttle, can't adjust anymore!

    Hi eh! Just got my China Girl ticking, it uses the stock exhaust and NTTC (NT?) carburetor with stock air cleaner, the square black plastic one. I'm using the stock 10-tooth engine output sprocket and 44 tooth rear sprocket. Initially, it ran extremely rich. It wouldn't even fire at all...
  4. D

    what is four stroking?

    maybe this has been covered extensively, sorry if it has... But i had this question and found a great video on youtube. thought I would share it with the group. What is "four stroking" ? - YouTube