1. B

    Piston replacement interval?

    How often do you need to change piston rings and the piston?
  2. M

    What is the screw that holds flower nut in place?

    I lost mine, need to buy some extras, what site sells them and what are they called? Or what size is it so I can pick one up at a hardware store?
  3. TheNecromancer13

    Aftermarket Magneto

    I am now convinced that the stock magneto was made by Satan. I do not want to buy another one. Instead, I want to get one that was made for a chainsaw or a weed whacker or something. Hopefully that would be higher quality and won't fall apart in a week. Anyone done this before? Anyone know what...
  4. S

    No spark. CDI?

    While on a cruise on my motorized bike the other day, it just bogged out and stopped running. since then it has not started. I can peddle it, release the clutch and the engine with turn over but will immediately die (i assume because there is no spark). I have since tested the spark by holding...
  5. L

    spark plug

    I am using a kit that sat around in storage for a while. the engine turns over so i left it in intact but i took apart carb and cleaned it. any common problems with engines that have sat that i should be aware of? mine is missing a spark plug. can anybody recommend a replacement? (there...
  6. M

    Carb Bushing replacment?

    Hello. The nylon bushing in the carb that goes over the intake fell apart. I was wondering what i could use to put in there so i could get the carb nice and tight.
  7. M

    New Rings, How do I re-install the cylinder?

    I put new rings on my motor (48cc grubee). How do I re-install the cylinder. I know this can break my rings so I want to do it correctly. Thanks for the help.