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    Ohio moped ( motorized bike) licenses

    Hi does anyone know the laws for a motorized bike i built in ohio? Do you know if i have to get it registered or if i can get it registered? And if so how? And what are the requirements to get it registered? If anyone can help I would appreciate thanks.
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    anyone in NJ?

    In NJ they consider motorized bicycles mopeds that requires registration and insurance. I called the NJMVC twice and got 2 different answers. The first was that i have to register it as a moped and I was quickly rushed off the phone. So after an hour or two of research on how to register a...
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    Question for Vermont Riders

    So, I was riding my motorized bike the other day in town in Vermont, obeying all traffic laws when I was stopped by the local cops. I was told that my Motorized Bike needed to be registered, inspected and insured to be used on public roads. It looks like under a 2010 DMV rule that created a...
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    Anyone RIDE a gas bike in NJ??

    Looking to chat with any members that ride a gas motor bicycle in NJ. If so, are you familiar with the laws and or regs regarding such? I want to build a bike but I cannot find any way to confirm wether or not it is legal or able to be insured and registered..... If you did manage to get your...
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    Utah Confusion

    I have been researching this past week on what is legal for me to ride in Utah. Today I decided to write the DMV and make sure I can ride a "moped" as is defined here In response I got the following: 1. The definitions for registration are below. Keep in mind that local law...
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    so confused on legal issues in CA

    ok so i hear alot of people saying you need registration and plates and have to fill out the 230 form, others say nay, i just found this on the dmv website "Motorized Bicycles There are two definitions of motorized bicycle (moped). A motorized bicycle is: A two- or three-wheeled device...