reed valve

  1. S

    Reed valves and windowed piston

    Im just a kid just mucking around in my garage with a motorised bike. The other day I windowed out my piston (a lot) and now the engine won't start. I have a HP carburettor and a very slightly sanded cylinder head. I see people talking about reed valves when they mention windowed pistons. What's...
  2. Hashbrown

    49cc piston

    I know that there are two different size pistons, is that only for 66/80cc or does the 49cc have two differant sizes? I just bought a reed valve and wanted a windowed piston (or modify one) but everywhere ive looked they don’t specify if it is a 40mm or 38mm. The place where i bought my kit...
  3. B

    RSE Reed Valve

    Recently bought a RSE reed valve kit, installed it once but was too lazy to re-jet carb and possibly boost port the jug. Let me know if anyone wants it, I paid $80 from JNM looking to get some of it back. The reed valve is in almost brand new shape, installed it on new engine, rode it to...