1. B

    Need help! 140 spoke rims and installing the rear sprocket

    Hey guys, need some help here. Just a got a new bike and I mainly bought it because I loved the rims on the bike. The rims have 140 spokes and I really didn't think about how to install the rear sprocket before I bought it. Anyways, I have a pic of what it looks like below, but my main question...
  2. S

    Needing a hub mounted sprocket for .8" to 1"

    Okay. So I've tried searching a bunch on many forums and sites and k I can't seem to find anything that will fit my Raleigh USA Heat. The rear hub is little less than an inch and most hub mounted sprockets from anywhere only seem to goto and inch or more. Curious if anyone knows of one I can get...

    Snapped rear mounting stud

    One of my back mounting studs snapped at the face of the crankcase. I tried using an extracting bit with a drill and after that didn't work tried using a dremel to cut a slot so I could use a flat head to back it out. Neither worked and chewed up the opening of the hole pretty good in the...
  4. sergeak47

    im a!

    My rear tire is touching the chain on the left side, the one that is attached to the motor. Please help:-||
  5. Ruby478

    homemade rear kickstand?

    does anyone know how to make a rear kickstand thats can handle a good amount of weight and doesnt cost alot
  6. C

    Help me build my 4 storke motor bike

    i have bought a new engine kit 4 stroke rear mount from and i have a 2007 specialized bike extra small and i realized on the back thatyou have to have the big bolt not quick release so i just said **** with it i should use a new bike because my specialized is really worn...