raw 80cc

  1. A

    RAW Motor Horsepower?

    All of the RAW motors say 5-6HP, when there are the same type of engine as the Skyhawk GT5 which is only listed as 2.5 HP. Is the RAW Engine really 5HP? The California Moped Registration requires that the engine be less than 2 Gross Brake Horsepower. If I get this engine will I be able to...
  2. A

    Will a slanted/regular motor fit a frame with these dimensions?

    I am looking for a RAW engine, but I am skeptical on if it will fit my frame. The dimensions of the frame are (top)18" x (bottom)22" x (height)11.5". I don't know if I should get a slant angle engine or a regular engine. I am looking here for my engine. I have heard of that mounting it in...
  3. Dogtown Burner

    ram 80cc engine mounts for mustang?

    just took the RAW 80cc out of the box. mounts fit 1-1/4" frame , but my micargi mustang has 1-1/2" frame tubes. has anyone got any ideas on mounting? the enigine stud holes are 1-5/8"apart on-center so there's not much room for grinding out and widening the frame saddle of the mounting block to...