pull start

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    Newly built bike won't start, help?

    Here is my story... I have put my Chinese 66cc motorized bicycle kit on my mongoose mountain bike. Unfortunately, the regular chain that you use to pedal broke, and I have yet to replace it, so pedaling is not an option for me; but, I do have a pull start installed, which I have been pulling and...
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    Super Rat -- does a pull start fit?

    My first build was a Flying Horse Dragon Fire, aka Super Rat engine. I'm now looking to out a pull start on it but I dont know if the standard "chinese 2 stroke" pull start will work. As of now, I have one ordered and I will return it if It doesn't work. Opinions?
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    Dax f80 pull start

    I currently have a dax f80 motor, but I want to set it up so I don't have to pedal to start the engine and I was thinking a pull start would be a good route, but I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Does anyone know where to find one for this motor?