power loss

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    Removed Air Filter - Running Too Lean?

    Hey Everyone, I am constantly tinkering with my first build - I can't seem to get it to run quite right. I am running a YD100 engine with an NT carb mounted to a Mongoose dirt bike. I've recently done some modifications but now my bike runs TERRIBLY. Can't even crack 5 mph on flat ground and...
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    not getting the power i used to

    Hey everyone I've been having my bike for several and i have about 130 miles on it. Recently i had to lay it down and since then everything work ok except i was able to top off at 30 mph but not it will only go to 22 before it starts to fuel starve. can anyone tell me what the issue may be?:-||
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    My engine has lost some power

    Hi everybody my name is Aaron, and I am new to this forum. My problem I'm currently having is with my 48cc mega motors engine I bought from bikeberry. I built this bike about a year ago and have put 1500++ miles on it and it has ran great the whole time, but as of recently i have lost some...