1. T

    Porting questions

    I'm about to buy another 100cc 2-stroke engine and I'd love some input on proper porting. After doing tons of research I think I'm going to: Widen exhaust and intake port 1mm, raise exhaust 1mm and lower intake 1mm. Trim piston skirt to clear intake port at TDC. Will this configuration mess up...
  2. carl clack

    Porting First Time No Problem?

  3. S

    Offroad Build

    Ok, so these last few weeks I've had the urge to make a light trail/offroad bike. I would like to add much more low end power. So my list is: Port my cylinder for low end power Extend header on my expansion chamber go back to 44 tooth sprocket What else do I need for this and Can anyone help...
  4. J

    70cc Engine Tuning Advise Needed

    Hi, I have brought about all the upgrades you can have for my 70cc engine (jaguar cdi, banana muffler, performance carby, iridium spark etc). So I am now looking to do some work on the engine. I was thinking of starting off by just cleaning up all the ports & polishing everything. But...
  5. J

    The return of NEL LUSSO!!! (porting)

    So my bike is naked at the moment. So far I have a coil and mag on the way, rings to order, studs to order, and a cheap but better carb to find. I have a month to work on this and wanted to look into porting my cylinder. I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction on this one as...
  6. R

    port timeing help? tuned pipe

    gi fo all those that have done port mods im sure your have done a port timeing chart useing a degrea weel anywas to the point im trying to make a tuned pipe during my off season iv only got 2 weeks to have it fineshed and i nead the port timeing. if any one had the exhaust port angle the...
  7. Y

    crankcase stuffing and other bottom end mods

    I will be buying a new engine in a few weeks because my old one was ruined by a thief how put regular gas in it and ran in the rain after the air filter fell off. I got the bike back but it needs an engine. I will be taking it apart to do some mods and upgrade bearings. I want to port match the...
  8. R

    Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

    Are you getting all 3 Horse Power out of your china 2 stroke? I know I’m not. With the untrue rag joint sprocket, the “California Friendly” catalytic converter exhaust, CNS BS carb, unbalanced crank, Chinese bearings, and unmatched porting, I think I would be lucky to get half the rated horse...