1. K

    Engine runs very fast, then slow, before cutting off

    Alright guys, I need some help. I bought this bike off of craigslist less than a week ago, I have not had a peaceful ride on it since. Ever since I bought the bike, it had an issue where it will start going really well and driving perfectly, before it starts speeding out of control and then...
  2. R

    no spark after 5min of rideing

    hi so this week put my motor on a new frame i put a new pipe and a 36t sproket and new head gasket so this moring on my way to school i got about 5min from my house and the bike stared to warm up lol it still -6 outside her so one it warmed up it just died pulled the plug and am geting no spark...
  3. D

    Spark plug colour

    okay this is what my spark plug looks like at the moment after doing a plug chop on full throttle should i go leaner or richer i think i have to go richer? photo is below
  4. F

    Lessons learned on a 66cc Chinese Lady!

    Okay so I am a newbie and I humbly admit it. However I have learned a few things so far and am trying new things regularly. I will post here as I learn whether they work or not. Tip #1 and foremost is immediately take out that junk chinese spark plug and put in an NGK Iridium 4085 {also...
  5. Ancient Order

    Spark Plug Popped Out!

    I was just riding along earlier today and I noticed the engine wasn't really putting out a lot of power when I turned up the throttle and all of the sudden POP! I look down and the spark plug is dangling from the connector and I have to pedal home. This is really weird as the threads don't...
  6. M

    How's my plug look?

    How's my plug color looking? I'm running some cheap full synthetic oil at 32:1 at 0-100ft above sea level, on the coast. I've done no tuning to the carb what so ever. Plug has maybe 250 miles on it.
  7. M

    Spark Plugs?

    Hello. I ordered a kit off kings motor bikes and they sent me 2 spark plugs. I just ordered a new cdi and a high performance plug wire and boot. Well the plugs that were sent with the kit are not the best. I cant seem to find a cross reference. Since im upgrading electrical i would like a new...
  8. K

    where can i get a new sparkplug wire?

    my spark plug boot fell apart 3rd day of use,and im not sure what to do now. what i need is the 7mm wire and a boot with the little metal connector. where on earth can i get these things?!!
  9. nidyanazo

    Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

    It's getting almost comical the amount of customers who want the angle plug engines (we do sell both types) simply because they think the angled plug is a better engine with more power. A centered spark plug will promote a more even burn, with the combustion force able to spread out evenly...