please help
  1. Bigredgasbike

    replaced entire elecrical system, AND IT STILL WONT RUN!!!

    If anyone can help me with this id be very happy because i really miss riding my gasbike. A while back my bike stopped running for no apparent reason, and after much troubleshooting, and replacing every last electrical part on the bike, it still wont run. -_- it gets full compression, and the...
  2. T

    Please help! Engine not working :(

    I have a 66cc motor from BGF and it has given me nothing but trouble. Most recently my throttle cable snapped, luckily I had a replacement. Now with this new one, the cable doesn't seem to move as freely, so it will sometimes get stuck WOT and the spring doesn't have enough resistance to bring...
  3. C

    Best kit under $250?

    I am looking to buy my first bicycle engine kit for my bicycle. I have been doing lots of research but I want to know what the best kit for $250 or under, including shipping is. I know I want a chain drive engine. Please help. Thank you.