1. B

    Genuinely disturbing piston behavior

    Howdy folks, This is the third thread I've started about building this same bike which simply refuses to run at every corner (the others can be found here and here). After a substantial delay waiting for my new CDI and spark plug to arrive (grabbed both because a new plug was inexpensive)...
  2. J

    What happend here?

    Huge loss of power. So i opened the engine And here this. There was metal looked like the needle from the bearing, but the bearing Is completaly fine. Can anyone Tell what Broke?
  3. S

    Reed valves and windowed piston

    Im just a kid just mucking around in my garage with a motorised bike. The other day I windowed out my piston (a lot) and now the engine won't start. I have a HP carburettor and a very slightly sanded cylinder head. I see people talking about reed valves when they mention windowed pistons. What's...
  4. M

    Need Help With Motorized Bike Engine / Crankshaft Wont Turn

    Hi All, Let me try to explain my problem in as much useful detail as possible here. I'm not the most savvy mechanic, although this bike being quite fun and a pain in the ass has taught me a fair deal so far. I've been riding a seeutek motorized bike mounted on a Schwinn for approximately 100...
  5. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  6. B

    Piston replacement interval?

    How often do you need to change piston rings and the piston?
  7. J

    help me diagnose raw motors problem? bad piston?

    hey riders, I have A problem with my 66/80 cc raw motors engine, everything has been a nightmare. I bought the engine kit used in a box for 100$ and I have already put another 100$ into getting semi running on a bicycle. It wont run right at all... there is no power and when I have the engine...
  8. waistofhumanspace

    Different Pistons

    How many different pistons are there for 66/80cc sky hawk engines? I purchaced a cylinder & piston when I put it on my motor the piston hits the head, I see that the connecting rod hole is further down tward the botom of the piston then the one that came originally, causing the piston to travel...
  9. Ruby478

    Customer service review

    this is my review of 3 dealers i have ordered from within the past year. all of these review are not meant to harm business in any way shape or form. These review are only meant to inform/express my experiences with these companies. 1. Pirate Cycles- I love Pirate cycles, everything I've...
  10. S

    Cam and piston arm ceasing up 55cc

    i have nutted it down to the cam and piston arm ceasing up i pulled off the cylinder and head to find slight surface rust on the arm i preceded to try and turn the engine over using the flat screw under the gearbox cover it took a bit of crc and oil on the cam to arm joint i eventually got it...
  11. W

    Would you buy this kit?

    I'm trying to decide between the Rawmotors.com Silver 66/80cc and the Jet 66/80cc from kingsmotorbikes.com, (both are 2-strokes). There isn't much to distinguish these two kits..at least from my point of view. They also both cost around the same, and are chinese made. Other Similarities...