1. M

    Order of rear sprocket assembly?

    I have the standard sprocket assembly for my rear wheel for my 66cc engine kit. Instead of the metal sprocket being the most exterior line of things in the order on the back wheel, one of the rubber things is outside on the other side of the sprocket, and the sprocket is in between two of them...
  2. Ruby478

    Gasbike lately?

    anyone order from gasbike.net in the past few months? ive had bad dealings with them in the past but theyre the only ones that have the parts i need........... so if you have ordered from them how was your dealings with them?
  3. Ruby478

    Pirate Cycles and the Swedish Fish

    Im so happy this made my day!!!! i just got my billet intake from pirate cycles and when i opened the box there was business cards like alway but there was more than normal there was 2 packs of gummy fish called Swedish Fish i couldnt help but laugh cause i knew my girlfriend would try to...
  4. Ruby478

    helio bikes?

    has anyone ordered from them? I need to buy a new 66cc engine but i dont wanna buy a cheap motor that'll crap out on me 5 miles in you know. If anyone can give me some reviews on them that would be great or can suggest where i can get a 66cc motor that will last me let me know cause i...