oil mix

  1. Alabama Motor Bikes

    Oil Ratio

    When you order your motorized bike kit the manuel says to put 16:1 mix and than 20:1, well I use 40:1 and It runs great. My first tank of gas was 40:1 mix. Should I use 20:1 or 40:1
  2. Henshooter

    Regular v premium

    Hey all , this has probably been posted before so please excuse and delete if so mods Just wondering what type of fuel you guys run , and the appropriate mix ratio for the type Me ,I usually run regular with a 16/1 for breakin and 25/1 mix for general running and although it does ok I thought...
  3. PatTheThird


    Has anyone tried Amsoil's 100-1 2 stroke oil? I was just talking to the distributor and he sain it sparks better, smokes less and protects fine.