oil leak

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    Monster 80 strange behavior after oil change. Please help.

    Bought a monster 80 kit a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I was very careful when setting it up and getting everything working right. It ran beautifully for about 2 weeks. I probably put 30 miles on it. Then I felt like it would be a good time to change the oil. At the same time as the...
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    fuel and oil leak?

    My bike is leaking out fuel and it is leaking oil from the bottom of the crank case these are two separate problems. the fuel i can't tell where its coming from but its over some of the cooling fins, there's some unburnt fuel especially after i run the engine hard. its all the way around the...
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    I recently noticed that I have oil or gas/oil mixture leaking from the exhaust port where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine. It's coming from that joint and dripping onto the bike frame........just a few drops but it is leaking. Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and a...
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    SD stinger Problem

    Ok so this is how it goes I'm running a SD stinger with some cheap craftsman 2 stroke mix at 16:1 the manufactures recommended break in mix and the thing starts and runs .shft.. but it will race then stall if I let it idle at a what seems like a normal idling speed while clutch is engaged. Also...
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    I hate idiots with cars!

    Well I just had my first real incident with a car on my way home from work tonight, guess they didnt like me being on the side of the road and they ran me into a fence. I couldnt stop in time, luckily I wear a DOT helmet so my head didnt feel anything, but the rest of my body did! holy crap I...
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    Im a nobbie ... engine troubles, idle,lean

    i have the 66/80 cc slant head, about 1400 miles running 30:1 ive always really had the problem of after 4 mins of running and its warmed up i cant WOT i can pull throttle to 60 % but thats about it after that it just boggs... also i am running lean and cant seem to adjust the mixture i have...