1. motorhedfred

    Cannibal on a budget

    I'm smitten by the Nirve Cannibal/Switchblade bikes but can't afford to be bitten by the price. I'm not keen to lay out several hundred dollars for a new bicycle and then start cutting on it. After much searching, I found this. Probably made on the same production line as the Nirve bikes...
  2. J

    Nirve fifty five 'skulls' build

    Picked this up last week after I had been on the look out for ages for a Nirve or Electra to motorize for my second build. First thing is to make some offset engine mounts to clear the 3" fat rear tyre, here is the rear, just need to find a piece of billet for the front. Going to do a...
  3. F

    Nirve Switchblade complete!

    I finished installing my 80cc chinese engine on the ol nirve switchblade last night but not without a handful of headaches. The standard "fat ass" tire (24x3.0) was a big issue due to chain clearance so I had to downgrade to a 24x2.125 white wall but not having to worry about the chain nearly...