new builder
  1. N

    Hello from UK

    Hi folks, New to here so thought I would say hello. I got myself a pretty awful $90 chinese morotized bike from banggood and I'm trying to fit it to a 18in Kona Hanana frame.I'd appreciate some advice - although I've managed to overcome some problems, I'm struggling with the chain rubbing on...
  2. C

    What would be good with this?

    Hi all! I was a little overwhelmed trying to find a answer for a good starter motor so I decided to start my journey here. I have a 29" Mongoose Banish Mountain Bike I would like to use in my first build (A lot on ebay if you need to see it or check link below). This is a 21 Speed with...
  3. Mannhammer21

    Hello from Cali! New here, and a complete n00b to this

    Hello from Cali! New here, and a complete n00b to this, but I'm determined to build my own board track racer. So if you got any tips, or comments then I'm all ears. Starting from scratch here so all help is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  4. massdrive

    New Builder in Town

    There's a new builder in town. He is an old school tool maker with mad skills. He brings 4 decades of experience to the workbench. You may like him, you may hate him, you may know me as massdrive. Please welcome "BikeBobber motorized bicycles & custom bike parts" into your lives. Or if you will...