new build
  1. DanVal

    New Build Completed

    Lots of back and forth but everything now works as it should. Fun build with my youngest son DanVal
  2. L

    Specifically Where to Use Blue Loctite?

    I'm going to be building my first motorized bike soon, and have heard this stuff works wonders. I'm just completely unaware of which bolts to use it on. Also, any other suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  3. C

    New Bike Build

    Just finished putting on the SD Stinger Engine kit 66(80cc) on my Schwinn Del Mar 26" beach cruiser! She fired right up and no problems. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but with the right tools I got the job done in a day with the help of my friend and use of tools. Now I feel like I could...
  4. D

    New build!

    Hello! I am beginning a new motor bike build and would like some advice on whether my bike would be suitable for a motor kit and if so what options for motors are available. It is a department store bike (Vertical is the brand and on the side it says Mtn. Tamer) purchased almost 15 years ago...
  5. Hogwash

    I am Hogwash

    I am new to motorized bicycling. Last motorcycle was a Road King. I have bought many parts, from web. Frame, motor kit, Sick Bike kit. Even ordered a classie springer/with breaks forks. I KNOW I will be asking questions as this is my "virgin" run. Hogwash
  6. I

    new build shudders when clutch is released - headed to salt flats!

    Just went for the first spin on my new build. This is actually the second crack at the first build. The original was an attempt in a frame that simply had difficult geometry to work with. That said, bike starts and runs and works decently under pedal power. However as the clutch is...