1. 4banger

    New Huasheng won't break 22mph, why?

    I'm having an issue with my huasheng 4stroke stock with 44t pinapple rear sprocket. Old one was great, hit about 28-35mph on the regular, slight knocking once in a while on inclines. New kit won't clear 22mph but runs smooth. Would like to hit 30 again though. First, everything ,bike and all kit...
  2. C

    need for speed

    i am using the sprocket that comes with the chinese 2 stroke. and i can only reach 32 mph in a straight road. i am going to also be carrying replacement parts, 1 gallon os gasoline, headlights breaklights turn signals rear view mirrors and a bike rack, and i want to make atleast 40. the best...
  3. B

    Gearhead with a new toy

    i finally made it thru the terribly slow break in period on my rig and i got 42.4mph with a stock 44t setup on 700c tires. i cant wait to add all the goodies i can starting of course with my homemade boost and no2 kits and the first reasonably priced 32-34t sprocket i can get my hands on. if...