motorized bikes
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    Intro: Jerbyrd666

    Hey everyone im Jeremy but you can cl me Byrd. I live in Sunny Southern California in Newport Beach and I've been following the forum for awhile now just finally doing my intro. I've built about 4 or 5 bikes to Date and a few E-Bike builds as well. Im 34 and really am getting I to the whole...
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    Driving in mid to heavy traffic tips

    I just moved apts and been riding on a one lane roads sometimes 2 lane roads with not a lot of traffic the past year when i got my motorized bike ,to city and (Oakland country mi) to mainly 2 lane roads but there are some with one lane with mid to heavy traffic mainly rush hour etc there are...
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    Any Las Vegas riders out there that want to ride?

    Hello, I currently live in the Welches area of Oregon and will be moving to Las Vegas in the middle of January 2011.(January 17th or 18th) I enjoy riding my motorized bikes but I enjoy riding them with others. I'm looking to find new friends in the Vegas area that would like to go riding and...