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  • Hi Im Alias, new to this Forum and in the process of building my 3rd Bike and
    Im purchasing a new 7 Speed Bike that has Front and Rear Disc Brakes installed .

    Bicycle Designer offers a
    Motorized Rear Disc Brake Kit that comes with Extra Large Disc to fit above the 44tooth sprocket and a spacer
    with an extension bracket for the brake.
    Will I have enough Clearance to install this kit or would it be better to remove the Brake kit, or get the Coaster Style model that they offer instead?? I like the 7Speed option for Top end Speed, Climbing Hills, I live in S.F.
    Im including URL of the Bike and the Sprocket adapter.

    Thanks !!! Alias brnot

    Fito Modena GT Beach Crusier

    I am new to the motorized bike world, but am very good at building things with my hands. I want to put a motor on a mountain bike that has full suspension. I plan using the bike as normal but plan on using the motor from time to time as well. I want to know what is the best mountain bike to use that is capable of having a motor installed on it. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
    Dude your page is dope. Ive got a Giant with the 34 tooth, hits about 50!!!!!
    But im brand new to this website, how do you start new threads?
    I have a queston. I am currently building a non-kit motorized bike in the style of the board track racers. Have you had any wheel bearing problems with the higher speeds? And if so, how did you address this issue? Thanks for your time! C.C. Flyer Yuma,AZ.
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