motorized bicycles
  1. Beach Cruiser Hybrid Pedal/Electric/IC

    Beach Cruiser Hybrid Pedal/Electric/IC

    This is a work in progress searching for that optimum configuration that best conforms to my riding requirements.
  2. biknut

    Are we in the electric Vehicle Revolution?

    I think we've reached the beginning of the electric vehicle revolution. It started almost unnoticed with Chevy Volt's. Actually I think the real beginning was started by cell phones, and lap tops. They taught us we could use our electric stuff by day, and charge at night. That lead the way for...
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    New Pipe for my OM Flyer Race Bike

    I finally had a little time today to cut up a used KX60 expansion pipe that I've had laying around the shop, & weld it to fit my OM Flyer race bike. This new larger pipe has already added a little more power over the old pipe, but I still need to mix up some fresh race gas & re-jet the carb to...