motorized bicycle engine
  1. carl clack

    First Time 2 Coats

    So far I used 2 coats of Metallic - Carbon Mist picked up from home depot
  2. U

    Building A Motorized Bike (New Here)

    Hello There Everyone the names Amir and I'm new here :D (This is going to be a pretty long post, BUT I would really appreciate if you could read it, If not go to the end where I bolded everything) So let's start off, Since last year ago I have been looking over YouTube and forums on building...
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized Felt "Happy Hour' Cruiser

    I finally got around to installing the engine on this Felt that I've slowly been building in my spare time... The bike is a 2007 Felt- Troy Lee 'Happy Hour'. I converted the top tube into a gas tank using a black anodized KW Machine filler cap, & I also used their billet engine mounts. The...