1. F

    Well that's disappointing

    Ordered a few different 2 stroke china girl kits. One from ZedaMotorsports(still waiting on that one), one from eBay that I'm having some good luck with, and one from CaliforniaMotorbikes that I'm having a huge headache over. The clutch pads are already worn out. In fact, I had to tighten the...
  2. J

    Need advice and help for my first motorbike build

    Hello, my name is Josh and I live in California, I have been interested in motorbikes for a month now but haven't been able to actually start to build one, I was looking around for any forums about motorbikes and found this. My question is if anybody could suggest any bike and motor kit that...
  3. Cheech

    The Red Rock Cycles Blog - "It's Motorbikin' Time in West 'bygod' Virginia"

    Well, it's another Beautiful Spring here in West Virginia and time to fire our powerbikes. First things first. Hopefully, you had a great time last fall cruising and checking out the leaves and "wildlife". Then you woke up that frosty morning and decided that it was getting just too cold to ride...