1. C

    Runs great and fast, no idle!

    Hey guys, i just bought a motorized bike off of my boss, he doesnt use it anymore and it runs great, only problem i have come across is it wont idle. If i pull the clutch while its running i have to keep giving it gas to keep icvlt1t going. Iv been fiddling with the idle screw turning it...
  2. Teratoma

    Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

    I dug around on this board for a thread describing the exact symptoms my bike is displaying and came up null - though I am suspecting my fuel/oil ratio to be the culprit. That being said I'm going to describe the problem as best as I can to see if it sounds familiar to anyone: The...
  3. spiderskzes

    sbp air filter huasheng

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. But do i need to adjust my air/fuel mixture after installing the sbp air filter? My bike was idling fine but was boggind down for a couple seconds when i had it at full throttle. I also have a straight pipe exhaust. thank you .spr.
  4. Ruby478

    Oil/gas ratio for breaking in ?

    what is the proper oil/gas ratio for breaking in a 66cc china girl ? I've heard 24:1 or 32:1 ............... but we all know too much oil is bad and too little worse ............... Ive been using 50:1 but its a little too rich it bogs down (so much smoke also) ....... i use synthetic oil...