1. massdrive

    Ridged Front Engine Mount Adaptor

    My new large frame ridged front engine mount adaptors are now available at Precision machined from 6061 aluminum. Ridged mounts your engine securely and will not damage your frame. The engine mount screws are completely hidden from view for a clean sleek look. Made to order for...
  2. massdrive


    Here is part of an email that I received form Keith in Michigan: "Looking to mount a 66cc China girl in an Electra Townie 7D, the down tube is 1.74 in. And the seat tube is 1.33 in. I am putting a centrifugal clutch in the motor and a Pull start, so I'd like to keep the motor back and out of...
  3. massdrive

    Screw Your Engine Kit now available

    New BikeBobber Screw Your Engine Kit is now available for 49cc and 66cc china girls. Replace those inferior stock 6mm studs and screws with high grade socket head cap screws for your entire engine. Available in polished stainless steel and black anodized carbon steel. Check out
  4. massdrive

    New Builder in Town

    There's a new builder in town. He is an old school tool maker with mad skills. He brings 4 decades of experience to the workbench. You may like him, you may hate him, you may know me as massdrive. Please welcome "BikeBobber motorized bicycles & custom bike parts" into your lives. Or if you will...
  5. massdrive

    Widen Rack From 5" to 10"_ pg 1

    So after the "last ride with the Risingsunn". I decided to take care of that troublesome equipment failure that I was experiencing, the tool bag was slipping off the rear rack and hanging off the side. The rack is 5.5 inches wide and the tool bag...
  6. massdrive

    Last Ride With The Risingssun

    Sunday I took my last ride with Risingsunn . He's moving to AZ at the end of the month and Sunday was our last chance to ride together. We decided to ride the River Mountains Loop in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The river loop as we call it was the first ride we took together so we...
  7. massdrive

    Gt2a-s Rattletrap Done

    From the beginning of the build my goal was a 45mph bike. I was calling it the "Sprint", but after mocking it up and breaking in the engine I started calling it the "Rattletrap" because of the exhaust note. It rattles like a dirt bike... After 6 months of building including 2 months waiting for...
  8. massdrive

    Weak Ass Brakes

    I installed a front drum brake on one of my bikes and a front disc brake on the other. I expected the drum brake to be weaker than the disc brake, but didn't expect both of them to be just plain ass weak... So I decide that rear brakes are absolutely necessary. I had previously removed the rear...
  9. massdrive

    Motorbike Owners In Vegas

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for fellow motorized bicycle owner's in Las Vegas to hang out and talk shop. Nothing weird, truly on the up-n-up. If you are interested please message me through the forum.
  10. massdrive

    New Twist On Banana Pipe

    I sat on a stool in my garage next to my bike for a spell each day for 2 weeks trying to figure how to mount my banana expansion chamber. I didn't like the standard down sweep between the peddles. I wanted an up sweep exhaust keeping the expansion chamber as close to the header as possible. I...