1. Cheech

    The Red Rock Cycles Blog - "It's Motorbikin' Time in West 'bygod' Virginia"

    Well, it's another Beautiful Spring here in West Virginia and time to fire our powerbikes. First things first. Hopefully, you had a great time last fall cruising and checking out the leaves and "wildlife". Then you woke up that frosty morning and decided that it was getting just too cold to ride...
  2. T

    Maintenance? to get a higher top speed?

    hi, i bought my 80cc bikeberry kit about two years ago, and still have original everything except rear wheels. i was wondering if there was some sort of maintenance i should be preforming after this long. Because i havent done anything more then fill the tank and grease the chain. The motor is...
  3. weegenc

    Winter Maintenance questions

    Hey guys! It's been a while but i just got back from our schools winter break and now i want to start riding my bike again. I am going to be working on the beast tomorrow and i was wondering what exactly should i do to the bike? It's been sitting around outside at my apartment... Kinda sucks but...