1. B

    Need help! 140 spoke rims and installing the rear sprocket

    Hey guys, need some help here. Just a got a new bike and I mainly bought it because I loved the rims on the bike. The rims have 140 spokes and I really didn't think about how to install the rear sprocket before I bought it. Anyways, I have a pic of what it looks like below, but my main question...
  2. J

    My bike - w/pics

    Hi guys, I've been haunting this forum for about six months so it's about time I engaged with everyone. I have a 70cc engine on an old Schwann 20" lowrider frame - it barely fits which I love; make its feel like they were made for each-other. I'm going for a 'found parts' ratrod kind of...
  3. A

    Any way to improve lowrider springer forks?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had experience or advice for making the "lowrider" Springer forks stronger? I LOVE the look it gives my bike (combined with the dyno apes I picked up), and it makes riding pretty smooth. Just as long as I'm going in a straight line, that is.... As for...
  4. Dogtown Burner

    New Micargi Puma-in frame tank?

    check this out! im considering this for the 2nd DB build: www.bikebuyers.com if the link doesnt take you to a photo gallery page, sorry. but check out the micargi puma. very cool