1. C

    gas guzzler?

    i filled the half gallon tank a few days ago, and since have gone maybe 20 miles probably alot less. but the tank is almost empty. the only thing i can think of that is unusual is that i had the fuel valve pointing in the opposite direction from on, i thought this was also on. why is my engine...
  2. kdaddy1980

    Engine Bogging/Low Torque

    Ok guys, here we go again. Yesterday i went to ride my bike and it was really hard to start..then all the sudden it kicked in and ran good, but when i give it a good throttling it cuts out and wants to die. The engine revs really good without the clutch engaged but as soon as i engage the clutch...
  3. Ancient Order

    Classic low style seat question

    I'm trying to convert my cruiser into a classic looking board tracker. I've already cut the handlebars and got a shiny new headlight, but I can't seem to find the types of seats where the post hole is up at the front. Is there a way to do that to a normal seat or can you get them somewhere...