low power

  1. Muaya

    My new engine is making weird noises and losing power Help!

    Hello, I have a 80cc CDH Power with less than 200 miles. I'm still using the 16:1 mixture, however recently it began losing power specially when going uphill and the other day it completely left me stranded. I had already cleaned the carb a couple of days before that. Today after changing the...
  2. E

    High Compression (180psi!) but Low Power on Stock Grubee Kit

    Howdy Folks, I recently purchased my first gas bike kit - a Grubee Skyhawk GT-5A 66cc bike kit, preinstalled on a rusty but solid OLD mountain bike. Got it all "as-is" for $150 Canadian, which seemed fair. It appears to have 180PSI! Is this bad? Looks like I should have seen 100-120 PSI, maybe...
  3. Quintin

    2 stroke 80cc bike not running well

    about a year ago, i built a 2 stroke 49cc kit. ran excellent, no problems. at least until the engine seized. bought a new engine last week (80cc), installed it, got it running, but it doesn't run well at all. the only thing that has changed is the engine. when i rotate the idle needle on the...
  4. kdaddy1980

    Revs fine with no load, Boggs when clutch engaged.

    :-|| ive got a 66cc grubee Skyhawk kit. its got 400 miles on it. its been running great. it started losing power gradually and I found the air filter was getting clogged with oil. I sprayed it with some brake cleaner and compressed air and it worked fine. the other day I took it on a long ride...