1. R

    Do not ride a motorized bike without a license!

    Today it was decided by and impartial jury in the Pinellas county courthouse that Motorized bikes ARE Motor vehicles! DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE! or you will pay in some way or form!
  2. anim8r

    Michigan: Assembled Vehicle, Moped, or Stealth Mode ??

    It seems that these are the 3 ways of dealing with the legality of your motorbike in Michigan. a) you can get an Assembled Vehicle title, which could apparently go into some weird areas of law & licensing b) you can go ahead & call it a moped, which I think might limit your top speed to 25...
  3. N

    so confused on legal issues in CA

    ok so i hear alot of people saying you need registration and plates and have to fill out the 230 form, others say nay, i just found this on the dmv website "Motorized Bicycles There are two definitions of motorized bicycle (moped). A motorized bicycle is: A two- or three-wheeled device...