1. S

    TN Question regarding my suspended license

    hey yall, my question is for my motorized bicycle. my drivers license is suspended and im 29 years old. my license was suspended in ga for insurance reasons but here in tn I don't have my license yet but just a TN id. my bicycle doesn't even fully hit 30mph which I read online that's what it...
  2. C

    Pulled over in NC

    Well, looks like my days of riding my bikes around town may be over, at least for now. I certainly knew they were numbered from the start. Finally got pulled over today on my 66cc OCC Stingray. .shft. I was about 100 feet from my house and had been riding for about 20 seconds and looked behind...
  3. Da Pedal

    Florida RS-68 Bureaucracy

    So i just got off the phone with the DMS... They told me the law just went into effect in september. He told me the paperwork would need to be a little more thorough then some of us on here believed previously He said you need a Bill of sale with the Name and Address of the seller for Both...
  4. O

    Driving in mid to heavy traffic tips

    I just moved apts and been riding on a one lane roads sometimes 2 lane roads with not a lot of traffic the past year when i got my motorized bike ,to city and (Oakland country mi) to mainly 2 lane roads but there are some with one lane with mid to heavy traffic mainly rush hour etc there are...
  5. K

    Potential legal changes in BC Canada

    After a recent court case, the legality of motorized bicycles appears to have a path forward (nope, it's not legal yet). I sent the following email to the Minister of Transportation and my government representative. The court case link is at the bottom and it's worth reading. Dear Ms. Polak...
  6. M

    Utah Confusion

    I have been researching this past week on what is legal for me to ride in Utah. Today I decided to write the DMV and make sure I can ride a "moped" as is defined here In response I got the following: 1. The definitions for registration are below. Keep in mind that local law...
  7. nidyanazo

    Fun high speed corners

    YouTube - ‪www.Motovelo.US - Extreme performance bicycle engine kits! CA approved! $250 shipped!‬‏
  8. M

    Is it worth it?

    My older brother makes custom bikes for a local vintage bike club, and we are contemplating buying 2 powerking 49cc sets for some tinkering fun. However, it looks like they are totally illegal in ny? Anyone ride in ny? Email me if you have info or just reply here:-|| really wanted to build one...
  9. Autocycler

    Virginia Moped (Motorized Bike) Regulations

    Mopeds, Electric Power-assisted Bicycles, and Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices Generally the laws for the operation of mopeds, electric power-assisted bicycles, and electric assistive mobility devices are similar to the operation of bicycles. "Moped" means every vehicle that travels...