1. L

    Motorized Bike Running too Lean

    Hi all, In the last week, I finished my first build, however, I've run into some issues in adjusting the carb. The carb runs perpetually lean, and I can't get it to run rich as to better lubricate the engine during the break in period. I've moved the c-clip to the very bottom of the...
  2. JaxInsany

    Is the 16-1 oil/fuel mixture harmful?

    Hey everyone! I am currently breaking in my 2 stroke Grubee with a 16-1 fuel mix with synthetic oil. I didn't think twice about following the kit included instructions when it said to break in the engine with 16-1, but with all the reading I have been doing on fuel mixtures, its getting me...
  3. D

    what is four stroking?

    maybe this has been covered extensively, sorry if it has... But i had this question and found a great video on youtube. thought I would share it with the group. What is "four stroking" ? - YouTube