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    Morini engines?

    I can have this engine for 300 dollars. What engine is this and are they fast? Any mod options?
  2. D

    vm16 carb issues

    Ok so i have got a vm16 carb on the bike it came with a 85.5 main jet i think it was bogging over every range in the throttle i went to a 61 size main jet and it runs alot better from idle to about 3/4 throttle i saw this on another thread soem said this My carb came with a 70 jet in...
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    Carburetor Jetting/Mixture Question

    Hi, just a quick question.... What is the difference between the carburetor jetting and the fuel/oil mix ratio? As I understand, the jetting is how much fluid enters the engine and the mixture is the composition on the fluids? How does this affect the rich and lean running conditions...