1. B

    Idaho Law Clarification / My First Motorized Bicycle

    Hello! This is by first time on! I live in Idaho and I am currently a Senior attending High School. For my senior project I made my first ever Motorized Bicycle! :) ( nothing special though, just a simple Chinese 2 stroke 49 cc engine. I figured I'd start out cheap with my...
  2. M

    Using my motorized bicycle as a business

    I just read all the messages on a few other threads and did not see my answer, so I am hoping to get some help. I am going to be using my motorized bicycle for a Go-Fer errand business. I want to put on the advertising that I am licensed and bonded, but I am having a heck of a time finding...
  3. RockLobster2402

    IN New Orleans, Do I need INS? Special License?

    Milton,, aka--rocklobster2402 I am Glad to find this forum, as I am about to buy a kit off of E-bay, in the next week or 2, Does anyone know the laws here in New Orleans,LA. such as Liab.. insurance? Special motor bike license? I know it is probably different from state to state, where...