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  1. carl clack

    Porting First Time No Problem?

  2. carl clack

    clutch shaft

    Hey guys new to this Had my bike for 2 days and decided to start taking things apart just to check on them and see how it works ( i know now that this was not a good idea) long story short i cannot get the plate that holds the pin that pushes the bucking bar and accuator bearing to close, i was...
  3. L

    Specifically Where to Use Blue Loctite?

    I'm going to be building my first motorized bike soon, and have heard this stuff works wonders. I'm just completely unaware of which bolts to use it on. Also, any other suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    Correct way to port match a chinese 80cc engine

    I have finally busted out the bits for doing port work. Never done this before but looking to get at least 30mph out of a Micargi fat tire im building. I did my best to port match the intake and also make the exhaust a bit bigger. Not much just a bit. So does this look correct? Thanks for any...
  5. E

    How to remove a centrifugal clutch from two stroke engine

    So I got this kit. The engine came with a centrifugal clutch and pull start already installed on it. What I want know is this: How the do I remove the centrifugal clutch? I've looked everywhere and can't find a solid answer.
  6. B

    How do you connect chain to motor drive shaft?

    Was planning on rigging a weedwacker engine to my bike, but not sure how to rig the chain up. How do you direct drive people do this, without any welding?