1. N

    First Friction bike problems. need help!!

    Hello i have built my first friction drive motorized bicycle with an old mountain bike and a homelite super 2 31 cc motor. my main issues are with my gas tank, my engine mounting system and with stopping the motor. my first problem i assume can be fixed easily but i dont know how. my gas...
  2. N

    homelite scooter

    My current project is a gas scooter direct drive. this is a homelite 240 engine, the original Zenoah engine was shot when i bought the scooter. I am trying to set up a direct drive for the scooter. i have exausted my funds and need a cheap solution. i was going to try to use a deepwell socket...
  3. bishop letov

    26CC Homelite dual suspension whipper

    This is my first post in regard to my DIY mating of a homelite wacker and a fully suspended xr-200 mongoose. Ive been reading through all of the posts with chainsaw and wacker friction drives and thought that this would be otimal for me. The whole project has cost me next to nothing except...