high performance

  1. C

    48cc power mods

    hey guys, im eventually looking to get my 48cc bike up to 55 mph to make it capable of in-city highways, as I have a long way to go to achieve this im gonna tell u all what ive done so far and plan to do so u guys can tell me if I missed something, I have a 48cc silverjet with a ghetto air...
  2. Davezilla

    New Pipe Build

    Ok, I knew it was going to happen eventually, just didn't expect it to happen earlier today but my modified pocketbike pipe broke off at the lower mounting tab. I was going to just weld the tab back on and carry on with breaking in my newly built engine but once I saw just how thin the metal was...
  3. massdrive

    2 motorized bicycles With GT2 Frames

    I'm building two custom motorized bicycles with GT2 aluminum frames, Worksman 26 x 2.125 alloy wheels, coil spring suspension forks, alloy stems and bars. I recently finished mocking up one bike, I plan on painting it royal blue so I'm calling it the "Royal". It has a front drum brake and the...