1. M

    Help carb/head combination

    Hoping for some advice on head/carb combination Current setup: 26" wheel 36T sprocket 49cc Stock slant head with 2 gaskets from soda can SKF main bearings Stihl top needle bearing RSE reed valve Banana expansion w/ stock exhaust's whole header (~20cm) Custom CDI (kx/jag/ivanh/rohmell...)...
  2. C


    Does it matter which way the head faces? I'd like the plug to face the other way.
  3. kdaddy1980

    Backwards Head

    im building this new bike its a shimano 21 speed. its got really large tubes in the frame and there is only so much space in the v portion of the bike. Ive got a 48cc skyhawk and the spark plug normally points to the rear but on this bike the spark plug sticking up and there is no room to fit...
  4. R

    just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

    So I just ordered 50cc flat head 2 stroke motor kit from BGF a few days ago to put on an old bike. I have been preparing the bike this weekend, I have all of the tools ready, I moved the front brake lever to the right side temporarily removed the rear brake's cable and handle until I can get a...
  5. V

    I have a stupid torque question....

    If the head bolts/nuts are supposed to be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs for the 80cc engines, does that mean the spark plug should also be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs too?
  6. Ruby478

    this may be a dumb question

    Whats the difference between a grubee sky gt5 and the gt5-A?
  7. nidyanazo

    Reverse the head for clearance

    Just a FYI, if you have an angle plug head on a smaller framed bike, you can easily create the clearance you need by flipping the cylinder head... YouTube - ‪engine mounting trick, reverse the head‬‏