harbor freight

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    Newbie Gearing Question

    Have a HF 79cc going on a bike with 26" tires. Engine will be keeping the governor so 3600-4000rmp (gov tweek if I can figure that out). Thinking of running a jackshaft with 11 tooth clutch, 22 tooth input, 9 tooth output, to a 48 tooth rear. If I figured right should be a 10.67 final. Will...
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    Harbor Freight 212cc on Motoped Cruzer?

    Hello there guys! I was wondering if such a thing is even feasible? Thinking about buying the 212 death row 4 stroker and putting it on the Motoped Cruzer as a custom build pretty soon. However, my brother explained that such an engine would simply be too big? What do you all think?
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    Predator UPDATED Safety

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/103264093@N07/9942019233/lightbox/ does it look safe, made the frame myself? laff .trk