1. M

    GT90 Crank

    I just purchased a Gt90 kit and everything to build it except for the crankshaft. I've search the net and forums but I cant find any information on it. Do any of you guys know the stroke and rod length?
  2. RuskieTheInfidel

    Zeda GT90 Project X Jug

    I’m wondering if anyone has purchased 1 of these, I’d love some insight, are they completely ported out? Stage 2 piston? I can’t get much info on the website, thanks!
  3. RuskieTheInfidel

    Greetings from Arizona!!

    Hello fellow bike nuts, I will be doing a complete review(unboxing and building) on the GT90 conversion kit as well as Engine/Clutch internals kit, the parts arrive tommorow(shipping has already been a nightmare). Let’s see how it goes! I’ll be mounting the motor on this ’Sikk UFO’...