1. ZipTie

    Citrus Indian Tribute Cruiser Pictures

    Here is my second GT2A build. Still have front fork tire clearance issues to fix before its gets a ride. Seems to be a slow process to shake out these bikes so patience is required. Its raining here today so I had time to post these shots.
  2. SuperDave

    Tricked out gas cap

    Does anyone make a slick fuel cap for the Skyhawk GT2A aluminum frames? It would have to be vented to prevent vapor lock. I just did a site search & google search but couldn't find anything. Just looking for some bike porn to bling out my ride so I have something to ask Santa for, besides...
  3. massdrive

    New GT2a Motorbike For Sale

    Newly completed. GT2A aluminum frame. 66cc 2 stroke china engine with cut piston & drilled wrist pin, wrist pin and connecting rod bearings. Tuned carbonator and pipe, NGK spark plug and cap. Worksman 26"x 2.125" HD double wall alloy 36h rims, 11g stainless steel spokes, front drum brake hub...
  4. MitchP

    WTB Skyhawk GT2A frame

    Hey my name's mitch I live in Cali. I am looking for the 'sky hawk' GT2A frame w/ motor bracket. Maybe you bought one and it never got put together? I will take one in new or used condition. Text me @ 707-291-9070. Hope to hear from you.