1. massdrive

    2 motorized bicycles With GT2 Frames

    I'm building two custom motorized bicycles with GT2 aluminum frames, Worksman 26 x 2.125 alloy wheels, coil spring suspension forks, alloy stems and bars. I recently finished mocking up one bike, I plan on painting it royal blue so I'm calling it the "Royal". It has a front drum brake and the...
  2. M

    The GT2 in-tank bike - Anyone want one?

    I have one I decided not to assemble. Anyone interested in taking off my hands?
  3. B

    gt2 or other moter ready bike wanted

    ok so im coming down to the wire ,,, i'm looking at rims, already finished bikes and i bought a bike for the engine i ordered.... i would like to get a grubee gt2 engine ready buke,,, or something that my starfire is gonna hook up and go safely... reply or pm me you ccan also emaail me at...