gear ratio

  1. U

    Sickbikeparts 4stroke shift kit shimano nexus 8 hub gear ratio

    So I'm wrapping up a build and need to figure out where to make adjustments for optimal gear ratio Here are the pertinent specs 26" wheels Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke tapered shaft with 4g belt drive tranny 20t - 100t pulleys(5 to 1) to final 9t sprocket 9t sprocket to 17t SICK Bike parts left...
  2. waynesdata

    79cc gear ratio?

    Most kits I have seen have the same default gear setup. Motor Sprocket 11 tooth Jackshaft Input Sprocket 22 tooth Jackshaft Output Sprocket 9 tooth Wheel Sprocket 44 tooth Tire Height 26“ Is this gear ratio ok?
  3. TheNecromancer13

    Gear reduction for 125cc lifan?

    So I am building a 125cc lifan bike, and I am trying to figure out what a good gear reduction would be. The engine itself has internal gear reduction, 4 speed. 1st gear is 2.833:1, 4th gear is 0.958:1. I was thinking about 12.5:1 gear reduction after that, which if my calculations are correct...
  4. B

    Custom Build With Golden Motors 3KW BLDC "Development Project"

    In looking for a good motor I was pointed to this 3KW BLDC. I'm confident the motor will have more than enough power. I'm going to be very technical in my methods so I hope this thread will be helpful to those interested in utilizing this motor. I estimate the cost of this project at...
  5. K

    Clutch 56 teeth burn out

    Hi guys, i have a question... I have a max torque clutch with 13T on it and i have a 56T sprocket on the back wheel.... and using a #41 chain connectiong booth will this burnout my clutch It is a Harbor freight Predator 212 cc engine on it Or should i make a gear reduction box...
  6. d_gizzle

    AGK top speed calculator

    I was wondering if anyone here uses this calculator? I use it ALL the time messing around but when I put my numbers in,its exactly right. Does this work for ya'll? 8000 19.2 1 24 30mph This is my exact top speed.
  7. shwnrttr

    q-matic gear ratio question?

    i plan on using a 29'' rear wheel. i can either buy a 72t sprocket or fab a jackshaft to further reduce gearing so i can use the supplied 56t. my question is, will the jackshaft reduce power due to the complexity of the multi ratios?
  8. S

    what speed

    what speed should i get from a honda gxh50 with 4g t belt trans with 5;1 gearing running through a sbp shift kit 17 tooth left side sprochet and a 9 tooth right side on to a 44 tooth chain ring and a 30 tooth drive on to a 6 speed cassete 28 tooth low gear and a 14 tooth high gear
  9. N

    Whats a good Gear ratio for a 6T front sprocket

    ive been looking and cant find much, i have a 49cc 2 stroke engine i ordered off ebay and it has a 6T pinion i think its called. does any one know of a good ratio i can run with that for avg speed and acceleration? btw its going on a 29inch wheel.