gas leak

  1. B

    Honda ghx50 Gas leaks from pcv

    Someone please say the reason this honda engine is squirting a lot of gas out the pcv hole in the engine. The bike is running but there's a lot of gas spraying out. What do i do about this strange issue? thanks!
  2. JaxInsany

    Share your custom gas tank!

    Hello everyone, my project for the next week is replacing my piece-of-crud, leaky stock gas tank for something more sleek and better functioning. I would love to see pictures of other custom gas tanks that people have made/mounted (particularly tanks mounted behind the seat, mounted under the...
  3. H

    Gas Dribble from vent

    Anyone having seepage from their gas cap vent? The one on their bike, that is. The cap vent is a copper tube curled in a spiral 4 3-4 times It's clear when I blow through it, and dripples gas at odd times when riding. The tank is not completely full. Motor's a four stroke (Honda clone), 49...