full suspension

  1. Corey23

    Full Suspension Motorized Bike

    This is my 1996 Specialized Ground Control. Is has a Zeda 80cc two stroke engine with a Sick Bike Parts shift kit. I know that there is limited info on here about full suspension motorized bikes but I plan on making a YouTube video this week like a walk around, parts list and starting it up and...
  2. D

    Custom chopped and screwed homemade motoped/dirt bike!

    i spent a lot of time planning this bike out.. this one i based off the dirt bike style this bike has a lot of travel and an 8gear jackshaft, in this build im using the 70cc Skyhawk Super Rat motor with a stock 66cc carb and a honda CR80 exhaust. i tried to find as many progress pictures as...
  3. P

    New to forum, not new on building bikes

    Hi name is Ron, I'm in B.C. Canada. I am new to the form but not new to motorized bikes. I have built about 6 or so over a couple years. My current ride is a full suspension total custom purpose built frame. With all downhill equipment, triple crown forks, etc. dirt bike body. I run the final...
  4. Noxuz

    Looking to build the ultimate mountain Motorized Bicycle

    Hello!! after lots of thinking and searching for upgrades for my motorized bike i came to some conclusions. -Nice suspension forks only come in OVER size frames -Over frames are mainly of aluminium and really rarely are big enough for a motor. -Motor perfect frames are for standard forks and...
  5. F

    Compatible Full-suspension frames

    Hey guys (and possibly gals), I know many of us want to make full suspension builds, and may not have the time or resourced or will to make a custom frame that can mount an HT engine, so I thought it would be a good idea to list all full-suspension frames compatible with the in-frame mounted...
  6. Wild Bill

    1st Build GT LTS Full Suspension/Shift Kit

    This will be my 1st moto bike build, the bike Im starting with is a GT LTS I picked up off Ebay and it just got here. After assembling it, I did some cable lubing and shifter tuning, then took it out for the first test ride without the engine just to test it out. Wow! beautiful riding bike! very...